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Enterprise Security Architects
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Enterprise Information Security Architecture

What is EiSA?
Enterprise information security architecture, or EiSA, is a part of enterprise architecture that focuses on information security throughout the enterprise. EiSA implies there is not a difference in the need for security between small/medium-sized businesses and larger organizations.

Why is EiSA Important?

EiSA brings a balanced approach to enterprise security architecture to create important linkages between the goals and objectives of an organization and provides appropriate measures to protect the most critical assets within an organization while accepting risk where appropriate.

How Does It Work?


EiSA enables an enterprise strategy to gain accountability and support throughout the organization from the boardroom, to leadership, stakeholders, and consumers of cyber & information resources.

Risk Management: 

EiSA adopts a enterprise risk management process to identify and classify assets, identify threats to the assets, determine processes, people and technology capable of reducing vulnerabilities of the assets, and develops key performance indicators for reporting to leadership.


EiSA implements an enterprise security framework aligning security functions with the organization's business functions.